Monday, November 19, 2007


Barry Bonds

Less equal than others?

John Kass thinks politicians and partisans should be defending Barry Bonds:
Democratic and Republican candidates should stand at the Barry Bonds rally in front of a banner with a simple slogan:

"Barry Bonds was only lying about baseball."

You don't like that? Sorry. But if a president can do it, and a senior White House aide can do it, logic dictates that a baseball player can do it. Naturally, it follows that you can do it, and I can do it. Everybody can lie under oath now, can't we? And what happens to the rule of law then?

That's the problem with principle. Once politicians use it to wipe the dirt off their friends, once we cheer them on in their muddy wiping, we can't very well put it back in the box and pretend it's clean.

It's not clean as a baseball. And it's not as white.
Sad but true.


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