Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Fearless Supermice: Yeah that's a good idea

Our mad scientist community have been doing some wonderous stupid things to mice lately. For one, they have produced a mouse that has incredible strength and stamina. They also live longer and breed longer. Oh yeah, there's one more thing.

But he said the supermouse was “very aggressive” and scientists weren't yet sure why.

Not sure why? A minor side-effect of being many times more physically fit than the average mouse. Don't these guys every go to the movies? So what do these mad scientists do with these aggressive supermice?

”“American scientists now have a breeding colony of 500 of such mice.”

Really!? You think its a good idea to keep that many of these mutants sitting around plotting humanities destruction because you know that mad scientists might be mad but their not stupid enough to tell the world that the aggressive supermice are also reading a 5th grade level. Could it get any worse? Yes it can.

A team of University of Tokyo researchers led by professors Hitoshi Sakano and Ko Kobayakawa have announced they have genetically engineered a mouse that does not fear cats...

Oh perfect. Of course the mad scientist solution to fearless, aggressive supermice is fearless, aggressive supercats. Soon everyone will need a tiger in their basement.



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