Sunday, November 18, 2007


Insurgents attack US port

Even while anti-war insurgents are attacking the US military, former insurgents are working with US troops in Iraq.

First, violent protesters attempt to shut down a port in Olympia, Washington that is supplying our troops.

Seems like there might be more danger to our troops from these kooks in Washington state than the Sunni tribes in Iraq. Not everyone in Washington state is that bad. If you watch the video linked above you will notice there are quite a few regular citizens giving the hippies a piece of their mind.

I know you have heard of Brian de Palma's anti-war film Redacted but you probably haven't heard Michael Medved's review. Apparently the film is even worse than you could imagine with a scene with a Marine being beheaded which is sympathetic to the beheaders. I wonder how Mark Cuban's sponsorship of this dreck is going to play in Texas? Well, like in Washington, not everyone in Texas is conservative.


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