Monday, November 26, 2007


Mitt Romney Log Cabin Republican ad from 1994 2007

(Via Hot Air.)

This is why a lot of people wanted Fred Thompson in the race. Who do you trust? Mitt today or Mitt from...whenever he changed his mind on abortion. What? Three years ago? That doesn't smack of a real change of heart more than a political calculation. If the abortion issue doesn't bother you then listen to Mitt run from the "Reagan-Bush" years.

Correction: I misconstrued the origin and timing of the ad above. It was put out by the Log Cabin Republicans. I give them credit for an ad which is very convincing although a bit sneaky. Although they use Mitt's own words Mitt did not put out an ad so blatantly liberal. Just his positions are liberal. Or were liberal. Now he is conservative. Trust him.

So here is a link to the debate in which Mitt Romney said that he was personally against abortion but was not against it enough to challenge Roe v. Wade.

Here is a fun game. When did Mitt change his mind on Roe v. Wade? Can you guess? Better yet, when did Mitt decide that he was a Republican? He said he was an independent during the Reagan-Bush years. Anyway, you get the gist. Mitt is a recent convert which is good for him but do conservatives want to trust that his conversion is really a change of heart or a political calculation. Do you really trust Mitt Romney to stay conservative?



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