Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Cure for What Ails Fred Thompson

John L Perry over at Newsmax has a prescription for what is ailing Fred Thompson's campaign. (Via the DraftFredThompson board.)

The time has come, however, for him to climb off the bouncing buckboard of televised “debates” before that creaky wagon turns over and God knows who might emerge from the pile.

What a refreshing delight for the American electorate if they could see Thompson calmly denounce the pseudo debates for what they are, come to the defense of his fellow Republican and Democratic candidates by saying what they have been put through is a travesty, announce he will no longer be part of the stage scenery for this insult to the institution of the American presidency and the intelligence of the American people and then stride off the set with dignity.

I don't think the problem is entirely the debate structure. Although culling some of the lower tier candidates would help and having biased questioners is a hindrance. I think the real problem lies with Fred not getting his message across effectively. This is what I wrote on the messageboard:

In the book The Art of Political War by David Horowitz, Mr Horowitz makes the point that the winning strategy in politics is to keep your message simple. You can expound on it later but most people will tune out the explanation. Encapsulate the theme of your campaign in one short sentence and keep pounding it home.

IMHO, Fred needs to begin every answer at the debate with, "I am the one, true conservative." The problem is not the debate format or the trivial horse race coverage. The problem is that Fred's best attribute is unknown to a lot of Republican primary voters.

Having position papers is great but nobody is going to bother delving into your campaign until you have hooked them, i.e some simple message that gets their attention. I have looked over Fred's website. Looked at what he has to say and it is all great stuff. Fred concisely lays out his case and points out why he is the one, true conservative. Now it is time he start saying it. Over and over and over and over again.

Fred Thompson, apply directly to the country-type marketing.



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