Sunday, December 02, 2007


Fred Thompson: Is he picking up steam?

In my imagination he is. Wait, that sounded vaguely gay. How about, I really hope he is.

After Rush's all but endorsement of Fred there has been little movement in the polls. Perhaps it is too soon for that to register or perhaps the real story is Huckabee's surge which is swamping any bump that Rush might have given him. Huckabee: nanny-statism and a stringent moralizing. Sounds like a winner to me. But Fred is picking up some grassroots blogroots support.

Curt at Flopping Aces has thrown in with Fred. Curt went out and picked up some footage of Fred speaking in California. Pretty good stump speech even when he accidentally substituted the death Penalty for the death Tax Fred managed to make a come back. This is heartening because I haven't caught a full speech Fred has given, all I have heard is that Fred is an uninspired speaker. This video contradicts that.

I am a little concerned about Fred but I think that Mitt's stumbling in Iowa, due to Huckabee might be a good thing for Fred. Mitt and Fred are competing for the same voters. The truth is that a lot can happen between now and the primaries and it is now when the campaigns will be rushing out their messages. Maybe Fred's will stick.

I just recently discovered an old post from Frank J. at IMAO which gave me a few LOLs. Here are a few of my favorites:

* The masked executioner of Saddam Hussein: Fred Thompson.
* Fred Thompson once ended a filibuster by ripping out a Senator's heart and showing it to him before he died.
* Webster's Dictionary defines "conservatism" as "how closely one's views resemble those of Fred Thompson."
* Fred Thompson can know both the exact position and momentum of a particle. Furthermore, he knows Schroedinger's cat is dead because he personally strangled it.

And the funniest one to any Dune fan.

* The Fremen consider "Fred Thompson" a killing word.



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