Tuesday, December 18, 2007



I haven't watched much of the actual debates but I have watched some 'highlights' and followed some of the coverage. I might might be missing something but my opinion does not seem to match the polling results and talking points on TV and on some blogs.

I don't think Romney will win the nomination and I never thought Huckabee even had a real chance. In my mind it is between Rudy and Fred and I think Fred will win.

One thing that bothers me though is that the Republicans seem to be as soft on the liberal media as they claim the liberals are on the war on terror. At least Fred refused to raise his hand the other night as if the candidates were all in the classroom. The liberal media seem to be running the show and shaping the race for the Republican nomination. This is a big mistake. Religion seems to be a much bigger factor in the media coverage and polling than I think is should be. That is largely due to who is asking the questions.

Bill C adds: Fred brings together all three legs of the Republican coalition: National Security, Economic, and Social. Right now there are so many candidates who are potentially viable that each leg has gravitated to its own candidate. The result are candidates which are poison to one or more parts of the coalition. Social conservatives don't like Rudy and Huckabee is picking up their support even while Huckabee has a terrible record on immigration and taxes. The worst case scenario is that we get a polarizing figure like Huckabee and the Economic conservatives don't vote. The best case is a conservative who appeals to all branches (mixing my metaphors again) and that is Fred. Mitt Romney tried to be that person but his recent conversion to conservatism makes him suspect. On that note I will add this video.



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