Thursday, December 06, 2007


Liberal Racism

The Exile a alternative newspaper from Moscow. Alternative means increasingly shrill leftist tripe. It used to be a funny take on life in Moscow from a western point of view. It was started by a guy named Mark Ames who is of the left but never really went overboard covering politics. His biggest target had been feminism and had often spotlighted the trouble that western woman had in Russia's patriarchal society. Ames seems to have been diminished at the magazine and there is a more anti-American content. Don't get me wrong, Ames was anti-American, he just knew that this wasn't entertaining and he always sought to entertain.

Which leads to this garbage. A liberal racist rant against Michelle Malkin. If you want to be disgusted follow the link. It is nothing that hasn't been said before to MM. Just more unhinged behavior from our enlightened friends on the left.

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