Friday, January 25, 2008


CNN Wants 'Non-aligned' Analysts

But for how long?

CNN has banned 3 regular political analysts, all Hillary supporters, after receiving numerous complaints from the Obama campaign:
Sam Feist, CNN's political director, also confirmed the decision to me. "As we got closer to the voting, we made a decision to make sure that all the analysts that are on are non-aligned," Feist said, adding that the decision had been made around the start of December. "Carville and Begala are two of the best analysts around and we look forward to seeing them on CNN plenty of times in the future, once the nominating process has ended."

(Emphasis mine)
Cadillac Tight comments:
One wonders as well what’s going to happen in the general election if Hillary Clinton is the nominee…will CNN continue to ban Carville, Begala, and Zimmerman so that they can’t play shenanigans against the Republican candidate? Doubtful, eh?
Yes, it is. Presuming Hillary is the Democratic nominee and any of these 3 make any appearances on CNN as analysts this fall, will the GOP cite this precedent and make an issue of CNN's open support of Hillary?

Via Instapundit.


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