Wednesday, January 23, 2008


No Place Else To Go

I whole heartedly agree with this:
The problem is the congressional wing of the GOP is all but the second caucus of the Government Party in Washington. Bush wimping out on what could be a milestone in the fight to restore limited government and a tremendous boost for Republican prospects in the 2008 campaign simply reflects the general lack of political courage in the GOP at the national level on spending and entitlements. These people love Big Government and won't take serious actions to reduce its size and scope of power.

Pay particular attention to how the Times phrased the last two sentences quoted above. Assuming Blunt's statements are accurately reflected in the Times paraphrase, what the Missouri GOPer is saying to Bush is this: "Don't do anything concrete to take away our earmarks or we will punish you, but go along with us and we can all keep talking as if we will do something concrete if the voters will give us another chance."

It's a variation on the same old song the Republican establishment has been singing for decades - Talk a good case to get elected, but always put off taking real action till after the next election. Because the conservatives - the people who do most of the work and contribute most of the money - "have no place else to go."


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