Sunday, January 27, 2008


The UN Partners With Marvel Comics

To shape young American minds

Those who killed off Captain America have partnered with those who seek to kill off America itself to produce pro-UN propaganda aimed at American school children:
Tens of thousands of children in public schools across America soon could be getting a free comic book, one that extols the virtues of the United Nations and its agenda through the words of a kids' hero, Spider-Man.

The United Nations has confirmed reports it is working with Marvel Entertainment to enroll children in the U.N.'s campaign against "poverty, disease and conflict worldwide."

The effort is being led by French filmmaker Romuald Sciora and is not the first time a children's forum, such as comics, has been used for such an effort: During World War II Captain America was used to battle Hitler.

Sciora specifically said the project is to target school-aged children with the message of the U.N.

"These comics, featuring favorite Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, will … tell the story of how the United Nations fights the challenges of poverty, disease, and conflict worldwide," the U.N. announcement said. "By making the complex U.N. system accessible to youth, the partners hope to teach children the value of the international cooperation, and sensitize them to the problems faced in other parts of the world."
The 'virtues' of the UN taught to American school children? Lou Minatti is right -- this is surreal.

Bryan Preston comments:
The UN has to resort to fiction to bolster its image because a book about the UN doing any good would by definition have to be a work of fiction.
Gais comments
Would those be the "blue hats" that set up child sex rings and force women into prostitution? Or is it the "blue hats" who abandon civilians to genocide after getting them all into one place for the convenience of their murderers? Inquiring minds really would like to know which group of "blue hats" Spidy will have his name associated with. And which Marvel superhero will help out with the corruption in various UN programs? Will the Incredible Hulk be renamed the Incredible Bribe in the interests of truth in advertising?

Seriously, Marvel, you really should be ashamed about cooperating with this outfit to brainwash American children. Parents, you are on notice to be ready to raise holy hell with your local school boards if they allow this into your children's schools. And feel free to tell Marvel just how happy you are about the company they keep.
Brett D. Schaefer recaps the more notorious UN scandals. One he neglects to mention is that the UN tried to take credit for the US led tsunami relief effort two years ago.

I absolutely agree with Joe Katzman:
The U.N. has been a haven of the corrupt and a tool of the hostile for most of its history - dominated by Third-World kleptocrats who demand for themselves what they will not grant their own suffering peoples, bought as required by the Arab League, and played largely for the benefit of the Soviet Bloc. So long as it remained irrelevant to serious politics, it status as a low-cost diplomatic nexus made it worth the triviality of its monetary fees. Belmont Club, who noted that "corruption at the United Nations was only tolerable for so long as it did nothing of consequence," had it exactly right.

Ah, but the U.N. has far grander ambitions now. Lofty ambitions of power untrammeled by its performance, and demonstrably unencumbered by notions of liberty, accountability, or humanitarian concern. Like Marxism before it, however, the U.N.'s dismal record of blood and failure is no mistake, and no accident. Despite apologists' untiring claims to the contrary, its record exist precisely because of its underlying concepts, not in spite of them.

What was once tolerable, is tolerable no more. What was once a simple waste is becoming something rather different: an active threat.

The U.N.'s weapons are theft and paralysis. Against it are arrayed the weapons of accountability and will. As Belmont Club notes above, the hostility is obvious, and the terms of the game crystal clear. Will the U.S. surrender, or prevail? The two sides cannot be bridged; the circle cannot be squared.
I wish more Americans realized this.


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