Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Academy Awards

Absolutely Annoying

For the second time in my life, I watched the Academy Awards. My girlfriend and her daughter kind of made me. The only other time I watched the show was ten years ago, when I was marooned at my mom's house by a basketball injury to my driving foot. It was Roberto Benigni's big year and he helped provide the only interesting moment in the show as far as I was concerned. Meryl Streep (I think) presented Benigni, who'd celebrated a previous award he'd received that evening in a rather bizarre fashion, with his award by pointing it at him as he approached her. It was a moment few other people seemed to have noticed.

I found this year's show to be much more annoying that the one from ten years ago. Perhaps that's why the ratings are so low. William Katz comments:
An industry that doesn't give a damn about its audience, a politicized industry lacking in glamour and style, but with an opinion on everything; an industry that replaced talent with education, and now hires any Ivy Leaguer it can get its hands on; an industry that, as an insider friend of mine said, is simply a glamorous alternative to Wall Street; an industry that doesn't know the words to "There's No Business Like Show Business"; and an industry that is boring itself and the nation.
How true.


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