Wednesday, February 27, 2008


America's Overseas Bases

How many Americans support bringing all the troops home?

While writing my last post, I thought of something Wretchard once wrote:
Washington's sheer importance may have diminished it as a purely national capital.
Re-reading that post with my own post fresh in my head, I recalled a poker table conversation which took place at an Indiana riverboat in the fall of 2006. A Michigan attorney in his mid 40's struck up conversation with a Texas truck driver who was probably in his early thirties. Both of them hated Bush and were supporting the Democrats. When the truck driver insisted that we needed to get our troops out of Iraq as fast as possible, the attorney went him one better: He said we should bring all our troops home and close all our overseas military bases. This drew supportive remarks from some of the other players (all of whom were men in their early 20s) at the table, something which surprised me. When I asked the attorney what he thought the consequences such a retreat would bring, his response was that he didn't care. Maybe then, he opined, Washington would start paying attention to us and spend more money on ordinary Americans. I've often wondered how many Americans share that view.


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