Friday, February 01, 2008


Arlen Specter Asks Some Good Questions

Senator wants to know why NFL destroyed Patriots spy tapes (From ESPN)

I think the Senate has more important things to do than worry about the NFL but I'm glad someone is inquiring. I've been wondering all season how this all went virtually unreported.

The Patriots were caught cheating. The evidence was confiscated by the NFL, viewed by the commissioner's office and then the evidence was destroyed. The Patriots were then punished but that's it, story over...really? I didn't think so and a few others agreed but it all got ignored.

Just what was all this evidence? What did the commissioner see on the video recordings? How far back did this go? The Patriots were accused of this in the past so there was likely much more than just the tapes/discs made during the first game of the '07 season when they were caught.

My initial thoughts were that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell found some pretty damning evidence against the Patriots that went back to their Super Bowl victories. This could have a negative impact on the NFL on a large scale. There is a lot of money involved in all this. Sweeping it all under the rug was a good move for the NFL (provided they get away with it which looks to be case) but not for fans that care.

The Patriots are on the verge of going undefeated this year and making history. I don't think this taints their 2007 season but it does taint their legacy in my opinion. I pulled for them against the Rams, Eagles, and Panthers in prior Super Bowls (I always pull for the AFC) but have been rooting against them all year.

A disclaimer should be given here though; I am a Miami Dolphins fan and therefore would like to see the 1972 Dolphins undefeated record remain. However I'm not trying to diminish the Patriot's record if they go undefeated. Although I rooted against perfection, I liked the 1998 Broncos and 2005 Colt teams that made it deep into the season without a loss. I don't believe these Patriots are cheating their way to perfection this year but the NFL has cheated the fans in a big way and perhaps the other teams out of a lot of money.


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