Friday, February 29, 2008


Barak Obama, Uber-Liberal From Chicago

The populist Chicagoan

Chicago and Illinois have a well deserved reputation for corruption. Here, the political culture is fundamentally corrupt. Chicago politicians are some combination of aloof (Governor Blagojevich), bafoonish (just about any alderman), clownish (Cook County Board President Todd Stroger), inarticulate (Senate President Emil Jones), arrogant (Speaker Mike Madigan) and power hungry (Mayor Daley). But they all have one thing in common, and it isn't honesty.

But Barak Obama seems surprisingly clean, at least as clean as it gets around here. (Though the Rezko trial, which begins Monday, may prove interesting.) Still, leaving aside Obama's leftward bent, as a lifelong Chicagoan I find the fact that a Chicago politician is the odds on favorite for the presidency quite startling.

In an excellent post rebutting this hit piece on the Right in the San Fransisco Chronicle, Bookworm takes a look at the real Barak Obama:
the man who wants to disarm America; who expressly rejects choosing judges who actually apply the law, as opposed to contemplating their liberal navels; who intends to spend America into a stagnant European style economy; who has the stench of Chicago politics and political favoritism hanging about him; who intends instantly to withdraw from Iraq, thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory; who deeply admires one of the loudest black voices touting antisemitism, anti-Americanism and black supremacy; who has a bad habit of speaking out of both sides of his mouth; whose wife and mother dislike America and all that it stands for; and who has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

By the way, that’s just a partial list of things both conservative and moderate Americans should fear when it comes to Obama. The middle name issue is a straw man — it’s not the real thing. We don’t need to fear “Obama the Muslim,” who doesn’t exist, except for purposes of newspaper smears. We do need to fear Obama the uber-liberal and the man who surrounds himself by people who hate America, who hate capitalism, who hate whites, and who hate Jews.
She is right.

Paul Mirengoff thinks "Obama may turn out to be the most intellectually dishonest Democratic presidential nominee of my lifetime."

I wonder if the media will ever seriously scrutinize Obama. If they don't, will McCain and the GOP have enough recources to set the record straight regarding Obama the uber-liberal and the people with whom he surrounds himself? Even if they do, I wonder whether it will matter.

Diego: We don’t need to fear “Obama the Muslim,” - That will be the MSM battle cry as to weather or not Obama should be president and it will be convincing.

will McCain and the GOP have enough recources to set the record straight regarding Obama the uber-liberal - No. The GOP didn't even take control of it's own primary. They wont make enough noise here.

I don't think Obama will win the general election but it is easy for me to see how he could. The GOP will fight the MSM and a weak case will be made out of the serious concerns listed above. The question to voters will be something like: Are you sophisticated enough to vote for a liberal or are you too afraid to elect an African-American progressive? Or perhaps: Are we ready for Obama or are we just going to accept McCain?


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