Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Justice Hillary?


This is a good reason for conservatives to vote for John McCain:
But a seat on the Supreme Court would free Clinton to put her keen intellect to work in resolving Constitutional issues that desperately need to be saved from a wrecking ball by a Court that has veered dangerously to the right. It would allow her the potential to leave an enormous legacy, without worrying about how to vote because of the next election coming down the line.

This is an idea, by the way, that a BuzzFlash reader sent in to us early this morning, and it's one -- given an Obama victory in November -- that would probably make it through the Senate because the Dems are highly likely to pick up more Senate seats in the November election. Secondly, Senators are normally quite deferential to voting for other Senators when it comes to appointments such as the Supreme Court. Even the avalanche of opposition that the right-wing media mongers would raise would probably not stop a Clinton Supreme Court confirmation.
I hope the GOP makes an issue of this if Barak Obama is the Democratic nominee.


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