Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Public Official A

Is Governor Blagojevich

So says U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve. From an AP article:
Federal prosecutors routinely disguise the identities of people mentioned in indictments and other court papers, calling them such names as Public Official A, Individual B or co-schemer C. The idea is to protect the reputations of individuals who have not been charged with a crime and not tie them needlessly to corruption.

In court papers, prosecutors have already told how Rosenberg sought $220 million in business for an investment firm, Capri Capital, from the Illinois Teachers Retirement System, the $30 billion nest egg that pays the pensions of downstate and suburban school teachers.

Prosecutors had already alleged that Rezko and Levine, who has pleaded guilty and figures to be a witness, schemed to squeeze Rosenberg for a $2 million payoff or a $1.5 million campaign contribution. They said in the indictment the contribution was to be for "a certain public official." In later filings, they called him Public Official A.

St. Eve for the first time Monday said the campaign contribution was to go to Blagojevich.
Adlai Stevenson, whose term ended in 1953, was the last Democrat to be elected governor who managed to stay out of federal prison. Both Otto Kerner and Dan Walker served federal time, though Walker's crimes were unrelated to his term in office. Will Blagojevich make it two Illinois governors and three Democratic ones in a row? At the very least, it seems as if an indictment is merely a matter of time.


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