Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Republican Primary Reform

Jed Babbin has a piece on the Human Events website about the RNC's attempt to reform the Republican primary process that is so obviously flawed. A commenter highlights three needed reforms.

I'm going to catch a lot of heat from my fellow Iowans for this, but I think we need three reforms: A primary-order lottery, proportional representation, and a no-Dems/Independents rule.

First, the lottery. Iowa and New Hampshire offer some advantages as first-in-the-nation states, primarily because they are small-enough to offer candidates a chance to try out their retail politicking. Iowans and New Hampshire residents tend to take this responsibility VERY seriously.

However, putting them permanently in front does not make any sense whatsoever. The ethanol scam only gets our tax dollars because Iowa is a first-in-the-nation caucus. Offering a lottery with widely-separated primaries/caucuses will shake things up a bit, and will reduce the possibility that the MSM can pull another McCain sweep of a Super-Tuesday.

Second, we need proportional representation. I don't see any sense whatsoever in a winner-takes-all system that rewards the RINO's who win large states that the Republicans will never carry.

Third, we need to keep the Dems and the "Independents" out of our balloting process. Mr. Babbin got this point 100% correct, crossover votes won McCain the nomination, not Republican votes. It's time to make it as hard as possible to participate in Republican primaries.

Good luck getting any of this through the RNC, however. They won't want to be accused of partisanship or restricting voting rights, despite the fact that partisanship and restricting voting are what they are there to do.

A proportional representative system would have given Mitt Romney the lead in delegates going into Super-Tuesday and that might have been all the momentum he needed. Instead we are stuck with McVain. Good enough reason to scrap the current process.


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