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Requiring Immigrants To Become Legal

Amnesty proponents absurd new slogan

Democrats are set to try to rephrase the immigration debate:
Titled "Winning The Immigration Debate," the study was put together by the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Center for American Progress. Its findings, which have been sent to Capitol Hill and have been part of briefing sessions in both the House and the Senate, are based off of polling conducted by Peter Hart Research Associates.

Taken as a whole, the report presents a new prism through which the Democrats should approach the immigration debate. "It is unacceptable to have 12 million people in our country who are outside the system," it reads. "We must require illegal immigrants to become legal, and reform the laws so this can happen."
This argument is simply absurd. Any illegal immigrant who desires legal status can go back to his/her home country and apply for an immigration visa. Will anyone in the GOP be bold enough to argue this in public?

At least some in the GOP understand public sentiment regarding immigration and are plan to take action:
Senate Republicans are set to announce today the hardest-hitting package of immigration enforcement measures seen yet -- one that would require jail time for illegal immigrants caught crossing the border, make it harder for them to open bank accounts and compel them to communicate in English when dealing with federal agencies.

Most of the bills stand little chance of being debated in the Democratic-controlled Congress. But the move by some of the Senate's leading Republicans underscores how potent the immigration issue remains, particularly in a presidential election year.
From the Huffington post:
Added Cecilia Muñoz, senior vice president of policy at the National Council of La Raza and chair of the board at CCIR: "We are not asking people to be for legalization out of altruism. It is perfectly okay for them to be for legalization because that is what fixes the problem... Rather than educate [the public], you can convince them to do the right thing if you call it a requirement as opposed to an effort."

(My emphasis)
What an argument. Muñoz articulates the truth, at least as the elites and members of the bipartisan coalition who favor mass immigration see it: The worse it gets for ordinary Americans, the more they will clamor for anything that alleviates the problem -- and there is only one acceptable outcome: Just accept it. Democracy, this isn't.

But it seems to be reality:
State and local efforts to control illegal immigration likely will become irrelevant after November's national election, Second District Congressman Dan Boren told the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

"After the presidential election, I think we're more likely to have federal legislation that will pre-empt a lot of what's going on at the state and local level," Boren said in answer to a question about Oklahoma's House Bill 1804.
Boren goes on to say that whoever that president is probably won't matter much. Sad but true.

Links via Mark Kirkorian.

After citing Mickey Kause and Tammy Bruce (I cite both in my post, Virtual Fense Is A Ruse), Tony Blankley comments:
I am not by nature a believer in large political conspiracies — noting that usually events can be explained by merely a conspiracy of idiots against the forces of reason. And so perhaps in this case, too. The Bush administration and the leaders of the Democratic Party both want (for different reasons) no obstruction to the full flood of illegal workers (for the Republicans) and voters (for the Democrats) into the United States: Thus their adamant opposition to a physical obstruction to such passage. Whether they truly believed in the efficacy of the virtual fence or not, I must leave up to soul readers.

But either way, the announcement last week demonstrates the complete political failure of those of us who have argued for an effective policy implementation to promptly gain control of our borders and staunch the flood of illegal border crossings. It is now highly likely that whoever wins the presidency, we are facing eight more years of unsecured borders and the addition of many millions more illegals into our already unstable body politic. Alea iacta est (the die is cast).
I'm afraid it is. Should the pro amnesty crowd get away with this our republic will never be the same.


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