Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Message from Coffeyville

Crime Does Not Pay. It is good to see the real heroes memorialized rather than the gangsters. The photo below hangs inside the Dalton Defenders Museum in Coffeyville, Kansas. The photos below that are of the Bank the Dalton gang tried to rob on October 5, 1892. There is a memorial plaza and markers in the sidewalk honoring the four men who died when the people defended the town from the Dalton Gang.

On October 5, 1892 The Dalton Gang rode into Coffeyville, Kansas to rob the Condon and First National Banks. Following a 12 minute gun battle, four members of the Dalton Gang were killed: Bob & Grat Dalton, Bill Power and Dick Broadwell. Emmet Dalton survived. Four courageous citizens also lay dead: George Cubine, Charles Connelly, Charles Brown and Lucius Baldwin.


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