Thursday, April 03, 2008


Moving again

My life for the past 15 years has been itinerant. Spending no more than 2 years in any one location has made me non-sentimental for places. As I prepare to move again, this time with a wife and child, I have discovered that packing up is not as easy as it used to be. Not physically, although I have used movers since at least 1996. Packing and taping and lifting are difficult but just as long as I don't have to hump that 200+ lbs. TV down three flights, I can't complain. (BTW, the monster TV which I did purchase in '94 has died finally.) No the hardest thing about moving is trying to coordinate packing with baby naps and baby being awake; no noise when he is sleeping, fear of what he might get into when he is awake.

Babies make moving around boxes and trying to sanely pack evenly mildly unsafe items a nervous process. Can I put this down for one second without him pouncing on it? Scan the floor for loose items every time you move a box because it will end up in his mouth. Distract him long enough so his mother can pack the bathroom's contents otherwise he will struggle mightily to insert himself into the decision whether to keep the microscopically small amount of shampoo. Moving with a wife can be a hassle, also.

So enjoy your weekend. I know you will be having more fun than us. Except for John O, we expect you will be on unpacking duty on Sunday.


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