Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Not voting for Obama proves you are a racist...

...if you are a Democrat.

The Obama's "bitter" comment have been beaten to death in the right-leaning blogosphere and MSM, it helps to have Hillary desperately flogging this, but I haven't heard anyone make the obvious logical connection. Barack, and now Bob Herbert, are calling Democrats bible-thumping, gun-toting hicks and racists. It is Democrats, for the most part, that are voting in the Democratic primaries so it would be them that have a problem voting for a black man. It would be them who cling to God and country and all that hillbilly silliness. Republicans have an excuse for not voting for him- Barack is very liberal.

If Republicans had a choice of say J.C. Watts and Sam Brownback or Bill Frist and we voted for either those brain dead morons over the black conservative then you could call me a racist because clearly there is a conservative who doesn't have his head up his ass in this group and he is black.

So I think all Republicans have a clean conscious until a black conservative runs for President. Except for Alan Keyes, that guy is just nuts. I guess I should qualify it by saying the first black conservative politician because there are a lot of black conservatives who don't necessarily have the political skills. Where is our Obama? J.C. we need you!


When you are trying to portray yourself as being in touch with the common man you don't pick an obscure leafy vegetable to reference when talking about the price of food.

Mr. Obama has a tendency to make such cultural miscues. Speaking to small-town voters in Iowa last year, he asked, "Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?"

Has anyone gone to Charlie Trotters and seen the price of Dom Perignon lately? With gas going up so much I might have to get the hybrid Bentley.



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