Sunday, April 13, 2008


Obama Revealed

I've been giving some thought as to what Barrack Obama is really about as the primary has dragged on. He has now had a few issues that he has managed to work around with the Democrats (that will be another story in the general election); his former church, Reverend Wright (and others), his wife's new found pride in her country, and now his views on guns, religion and the mindset of small-town Americans.

I think Obama really believes what he said about Midwesterners at a San Francisco fund raiser and many liberals including John Kerry and Hillary Clinton share those views. The difference is that Kerry and Clinton know better than to say such things if they want to get elected, Obama does not.

Obama does not realize he has made a mistake. He is just learning politics on the fly here. He might be the first complete product of a liberalized education system to get this far. He believes that he is the one to explain things to the people in fly over country and if those people get offended then he just hasn't worded it right. But he believes the message.


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