Friday, April 18, 2008


Revealing the media bias: We get to set the agenda

It was an interesting week in that Liberals...sorry...Progressives pulled aside the curtain to reveal themselves in all their self-righteous, condiscending glory.

First, Tim Robbins directed his minions at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas to go forth and propagandize er, do good. Robbins had the sense to tell them to turn of the cameras because he knew what he was saying would be used against him, as it should. This is blatantly saying that broadcasters should push a point of view hiding behind the rhetoric of avoiding the 'Tawdry and Demeaning.' You guess who gets to define tawdry and demeaning.

Second, WaPo uber-liberal Tom Shales castigated George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson for having the temerity to question the Messiah about his affiliation with a racist, anti-American pastor and a unrepentant terrorist. Oh my, must never put Barack on the hot seat because these questions are 'hashed and rehashed' except that I have never heard Obama have to take questions which are pointed plus followed up upon. Never.

It would do the Democratic party good to have a media which would ask these tough questions because the right-leaning media will ask them and will keep hammering Barry for his associations. This isn't 1992. Dems are not going to get a pass on Jerry Wright and Bill Ayres.


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