Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Chicago Skyline

Perhaps it won't change much after all

Developers had big plans for the Chicago skyline. At just under 1000 ft, Two Prudential Plaza is currently the fifth tallest building in Chicago. With three buildings currently under construction designed to exceed 1000 ft, and two others planned, it will be relegated to 10th place by 2012.

Or will it? I don't know the status of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel And Residence Tower or 375 East Wacker, which are planned, but the slump in the housing market and the credit crunch are giving headaches to the developers of two of the buildings under construction. Construction has halted on the Waterview Tower. Lack of local demand has forced the developer of the 2000 ft Chicago Spire to market units to overseas buyers, refusing to release sales figures. Among the five, only the nearly complete Trump Tower Chicago definitely looks set to take its place in the Chicago skyline.

Which is too bad. Four of the other five would make interesting additions to the skyline. Below, in order of height, are the five:

Chicago Spire

Trump Tower Chicago


Waterview Tower

375 East Wacker

Chicago currently has 91 buildings 500 ft tall or taller. Sixteen more are currently under construction. I wonder how many of their developers are experiencing financing problems.

(I accidently published this post before I was finished editing it. This is the finished product.)


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