Friday, May 30, 2008


Durbin & Foster's Media Show

Shameless hypocrites

Sen Dick Durbin and
Rep Bill Foster, media in tow, toured gas stations all over Kane County yesterday. The point was to whine about the high cost of gasoline, highlight record oil company profits and drum up support for their windfall profits tax proposal. (Never mind the record amount of gasoline tax receipts the state is counting on.)

The Courier News quotes Foster:
I’d like to see a higher fraction of their profits go into alternative sources of energy, instead of just handing out dividend checks.
From the Kane County Chronicle:
They called for a sustained halt on the deposit of more crude oil into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Foster noted that decision, made earlier this month by Congress, has resulted in the release of 70,000 barrels of oil a day back into the marketplace.

They also called for continued federal support for ethanol – especially cellulosic ethanol, which is less reliant on food crops, like corn.
Foster claimed gas prices would fall by as much as 24 cents as a result, so he is obviously aware that increased supply exerts downward pressure on prices. If so, why do he and his fellow Democrats oppose any policy aimed increasing our domestic supply?

Also, it seems in the above excerpt they both tacitly admit that our current ethanol policies are increasing the price of food. Then why do they both support the Farm Bill, which greatly expands the use of corn based ethanol?

David From, campaign manager for Jim Oberweis, who will challenge for Foster's seat after losing it this spring, had this to say:
A gaping omission here is that we have our own (oil) resources here in America that we can explore and develop. We need to consider all of our options.
Too bad more Republicans don't think this way.


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