Friday, May 23, 2008


Maxine Waters Solution To High Oil Prices


At yesterday's congressional hearings concerning high gasoline prices, Rep Maxine Waters had this to say to executives representing the 5 largest American oil companies:
“And guess what this member* would be all about? This member would be all about socializing — er, uh. [Pauses for several moments] …. would be about … [pause] … basically … taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”
Via Ed Morrissey, who comments:
Take a look at the video that AP posted last night while Waters says this. As soon as the word “socialization” exits her lips, she knows she made a big blunder, not the least of which is that the actual term is “nationalization”. Waters just declared a socialist policy of total confiscation in the House hearing room, and she looks for an exit strategy, finally winding up with the slightly more ambiguous idea of Washington “running” the oil companies. Two people in the background try mightily to stifle laughter at Waters’ predicament.
I'd like to laugh at her nationalization idea, but I fear many Americans actually think its a good idea.


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