Wednesday, May 07, 2008


No Hits, No Sound, Almost

I was at the White Sox game last night where Gavin Floyd gave up the first hit of the game for the Twins with one out in the ninth. The hit was a double that just landed out of the reach of center fielder Nick Swisher. I'm not sure why Guillen didn't put Brian Anderson in center with a 7-1 Sox lead. I think Anderson would have caught that ball but he didn't and the no hitter did not happen.

Aside from the no hit drama this game was memorable for another reason. The ball park sound system went out well before the game started. It came back on for a while at game time but then went out again until later in the game. What a pleasant experience that was. I really enjoyed watching the game without being blasted by the obnoxious sounds that most sports venues play non stop. I don't mind it as much in other sports but for baseball it stands out more.

The scoreboard posted a message apologizing to fans for the sound system malfunction which gave me a good laugh. I'm going to let the White Sox know how much I enjoyed the experience and suggest it become a regular feature. How about hitting the mute button for the 3rd-6th innings?


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