Monday, May 19, 2008


Oil Sands

This is what I was talking about Saturday night:
In the past year, a network of nongovernment organizations, on the ground and afar, has taken up the antioilsands cause, aiming at least to slow down development, at most to shut down altogether what has become the backbone of Canada's economy.

Many rely on funding from such well-heeled U. S. foundations as Pew, one of the top charities in the United States with nearly US$6-billion in assets, or the Menlo-Park, Calif.-based William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a legacy of the co-founder of computer giant Hewlett Packard with assets of more than US$7-billion.

Greenpeace, Ecojustice, Water Matters and the Sierra Club are among those that have opened or increased operations in the province or will do so shortly. Pew, the Natural Resources Defence Council and Earth Justice are among those bolstering the campaign from abroad.
Via Instapundit.

Gasoline is over $4 a gallon in Chicago.


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