Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Lake Delton

Is empty

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention from our local media. Wisconsin Dells is a popular vacation area for Chicagoans. From Wikipedia:
The lake waters overflowed County Highway A about a quarter mile from the dam, and most of the lake emptied in two hours.[1] The water began overflowing at approximately 10 a.m.[1]. All of the water in the lake tumbled 400-foot (120 m) channel through the wet sandy soil, and creating a path 40 feet (12 m) down into the Wisconsin River.[1] Three homes washed away, and another two were destroyed when their foundations were undermined by the new outflow.[2] The sediments at the bottom of the lake were visible.[2] "We have nothing but mud in front of us now," said Tom Diehl, operator of the Tommy Bartlett Show. "No water. Just mud."[1]

The Dell Creek Dam at Lake Delton did not fail, but the heavy rains produced enough water force to wash out a section of County Highway A. Dell Creek is still flowing down to the Wisconsin River, and the lake would be refilled from the creek, once the breach in the highway and collaterally damaged areas are repaired.[6]
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a photo gallery here.

UPDATE: The Journal Sentinel has pictures of the site of Tommy Bartlet's show very early in the the photo gallery slide show. Link has been fixed.


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