Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Rush Limbaugh

Had this to say a few days ago:
We don't exist for government; it exists for us. And yet we got people on our side, government is this great thing. The government's become the shining city on the hill. The government is not the country. It's the people who make the country work. There are things we can like about the government, things we don't like about it. It all depends on whether the government's authority actually exists or whether it has been exercised improperly. Not a word about the Constitution from any of these people that are writing these theories and philosophies on how to win, which reveals the heart of the problem. They've given up on the Constitution or they ignore it, as the left usually does. Or they invoke it when it serves some political end. But this is just semantic BS. It's like Mr. Castellanos is advocating conservatism but recommending we call it freedom and individual responsibility. Government, so we can fool the voters with a semantic ruse that we really favor government, too. He wants us, with this piece, to go out and tell liberals, "Hey no, no, no, we love government, too. We don't hate government like you think. We love government." So you have to accept their premise, yes, we love government, but we think the government ought to be bottom up. Why don't you just go out and say screw this brand search, let's just get back to conservatism. It will solve most of this.
I vaguely remember a few years ago a proposal to require Congress to provide explicit Constitutional justification for all legislation it passes. I wonder whatever happened to it.


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