Thursday, June 05, 2008


Tony Rezko

A bi-partisan problem

Rich Miller takes a look at what's next for Blagojevich. Lots of speculation regarding his impeachment, indictment and/or resignation. Thomas Rosser has this about the Governor's wife Patti:
On top of this the feds are investigating the fact that Patricia Blagojevich was a business partner of Rezko for at least a decade and in 2004 received over $38,000 in real estate commissions from him…that as a licensed real estate broker she received $113,700 in commissions from Anita and Amrish Mahajan. Anita Mahajan owns a urinalysis company that has been given a no-bid contract with the state Department of Children and Family Services and Amrishajan is president of a bank that has had two requests pending before state regulators to acquire two out-of-state banks
Rosser also informs us that Lt Governor Pat Quinn is not popular with Democratic party regulars.

Tribune Columnist John Kass has long written about how corrupt both major parties are here in Illinois:
In his columns Kass is a frequent critic of what he terms as the "combine" of Illinois politics, wherein powerful elements of the Illinois Republican and Democratic parties unite for the purposes of political corruption.
From Kass' column today:
Though neither Kjellander nor Cellini was charged in this case, both have been implicated. Cellini was named "Co-schemer A" by prosecutors and called "The Pope" by insiders manipulating billions of dollars in state pension fund investments.

It's like a Bridge to Nowhere without the ironworkers.

The White House Rasputin, Karl "The Architect" Rove, also was mentioned in the trial, as was former House Speaker Dennis "Don't Ask Me About My Land Deal" Hastert, alleged to have been part of an effort by the bipartisan Illinois Combine to get rid of Fitzgerald. To demonstrate their kinship, Cellini and Rezko flew out to Washington on a play date and visited a White House reception with President Bush, where Kjellander joined them.

Later in the Rezko trial, two witnesses said that Rezko told them not to worry about the criminal investigation, because the Republicans—Rove and Kjellander—would get rid of Fitzgerald. Hastert would install a friendly federal puppy who wouldn't bother the Combine, according to the testimony. "The federal prosecutor will no longer be the same federal prosecutor," testified Elie Maloof, a Rezko associate who is now a cooperating witness.

And a state pension board lawyer who has already pleaded guilty told grand jurors that Cellini told him "Bob Kjellander's job is to take care of the U.S. attorney."


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