Tuesday, July 08, 2008


New McCain ad

It's effective. (Via Hot Air.)

It’s an effective and affecting ad. Will it work? That depends in large part on how people see the 60s. For those who lionize it and its excesses, McCain’s ad will seem silly and pointless. For those who see it as a moment when America lost its way, McCain’s ad will have great appeal, especially in its emphasis on philos over eros. Those of us who believe that the 60s were a mixed bag can still appreciate McCain’s point.

Captain Ed is right about the target for the ad and it will work because it successfully contrasts McCain with the young Obama. Even though Obama was too young to be a hippie, his campaign theme of Hope and Change reverberates with youth movement of that decade. There was an unseriousness about the 60's and early seventies when a lot of young, overindulged people were able to turn their backs on the traditional values due to the wealth that those values had created.

McCain is smart to remind us that just wanting peace will not bring it. Peace is the product of diligence. That is the lesson of the 19060s.


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