Thursday, August 21, 2008


Americans Are Being Kidnapped From The US

And held for ransom in Mexico

Mexican drug gangs are kidnapping Americans in the US and transporting their victims back to Mexico, where they are held for ransom:
Mexican intelligence officials say Veronica is one of around 30 Americans abducted in southern California and taken to Tijuana since last November. Many of the victims are of Hispanic origin and hold double nationality.

"Transnational kidnappings are a new way of operating for these criminal groups, mainly in California, and so we are seeking collaboration with the United States," Baja California state Attorney General Rommel Moreno told Reuters.

The FBI in San Diego says it is investigating 16 cases of U.S. residents kidnapped and held in Tijuana between October last year and May, including some who were abducted in San Diego County.
Per the linked article, this is also happening in Texas.

Via LauraW, who comments:
Gee, two or three people get bitten by sharks, and shark hysteria rules the news for months. Dozens of Americans kidnapped for ransom?

Not so much.

Very puzzling.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the Minuteman PAC.


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