Tuesday, August 12, 2008


October 1st: Energy Freedom Day

Republicans have threatened to stop any gov't funding bill that includes a renewed ban on domestic sources of oil. Of course, the Democrats are holding senior citizens hostage to their foolish obstinacy to domestic oil production.

In response to DeMint, Reid spokesman Jim Manley said: "Isn't this the same day that Republicans would be endangering the delivery of Social Security checks because of their misguided attempts to promote energy policies that will do nothing to deal with the short term problems facing the country?"

If none of the Republican policies will have any effect on the price of oil in the near term then why oppose them? Why not let the Republicans have their policies and then the Democrats would get to mock them for every election in which prices continue to rise? The answer is that they fear prices might fall with the threat of new supplies in the pipeline. That's the way markets work and even the Democrats get that.



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