Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where Do Jobs Come From?

Democrats either don't know or don't care

Joy Nordlinger comments about the socialist nature of the Democratic party. He wonders:
From whom are we supposed to get our oil, pharmaceuticals, and insurance? Ralph Nader? Nancy Pelosi? Molly Yard?

Moreover, these corporations are employers. I ask another question: From whom are people supposed to get their jobs? The Obamas? As the great John Derbyshire says, we can only use so many “community organizers” and “diversity-enforcement officers.”
I would say we need zero of each.

Nordlinger continues:
Talking about herself and her husband, Michelle said not long ago, “We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we’re asking young people to do. Don’t go into corporate America.” That is not so much disgusting as it is pathetic and ignorant. Look, I grew up with the same left-wing clichés. It’s just that some of us grew out of them, where, with others, they stuck.
This has reminded me of two conversations I had years ago with two different women about a month apart. Both were programmer/consultants just out of college, very intelligent, in their early 20s, working with me on a project to streamline a business function. Upon completion, the first project was to eliminate half of 82 accounting positions; the second was to trim warehouse personnel by about 10%.

The conversations were nearly identical, beginning after the woman made some remark about "evil" corporations. I asked her why she worked for one. Obviously annoyed by the question, she basically answered that it was the only way she could make a decent living. I challenged this, pointing out that there were other employment opportunities beside abetting a corporation in downsizing its workforce. Incredibly, she claimed that wasn't what we were doing. I insisted that it was goal of the project. At this point, one of the women terminated our conversation; the other insisted the project's goal was strictly a technological one. I was dumbfounded, but sure she was experiencing some form of cognitive dissonance. I hope the other woman did too.


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