Friday, September 05, 2008


I wonder what Sarah Palin's Seceret Service name will be?


John O adds
: How about Ernesto?

The Wilson sisters are unhappy that the song was used as the congratulatory theme for Sarah Palin. Too bad.

Palin is an excellent choice, and for a lot of reasons. I listened to the tail end of McCain's acceptance speech while driving home last night. When he started talking about his combat experience, I wondered: Did McCain factor in to his decision to select Palin the fact that it would make the election much more complicated?

I'll cite this from Steven Den Beste about competition:
When I'm playing Go against a player who is substantially inferior to me, who plays with a handicap, sometimes when I see a situation I don't like what I'll do is to make a series of moves which make the situation fantastically complicated even if I can't see where it will end up. What I'm relying on is the fact that as it develops I'll be able to use my superior understanding of the game and ability to analyze it to see my way through the situation before my less experienced opponent, and will have the situation in hand before he even realizes what I'm doing.
McCain is trained for combat, the ultimate competition. He has correctly sized up the inexperienced Obama as weak. As McCain has for years been the most media accessible politician, he knows media types very well. A female unknown (to the media) VP candidate whose values are antithetical to Democrats and their media allies is unprecedented. The Left's initial response was something McCain surely expected, as were the results. But having failed to discredit an obviously articulate, telegenic, popular conserviative, the those in the MSM don't know what to do now. The Obama/Biden campaign doesn't know either. And, given that we have the shortest time between a national convention and the election in American history, they don't have much time to figure it out. Well done, Senator McCain.



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