Thursday, October 09, 2008


Kings of Leon

This is a RED alarm music alert*

There is a new band called the Kings of Leon. I have spent the last week and a half listening to their new album and I love it. Please check them out on youtube. More later.

*This means a band that I will obsessively listen to like the Flaming Lips.

Diego: PBS has shown their Austin City Limits performance (2007?) a few times and I was impressed. I downloaded some of their tunes from Amazon and would recommend exploring their 2 or 3 previous albums if you haven't already. I heard their latest tune on XRT last night and was convinced to pick up the new album. Based on the one song I heard I would suggest that if you like the current sound you would really appreciate their earlier, more raw sound.

Bill C: I will check that out. As I noted, I have their current CD on continuous loop in our car. It isn't often that my wife and I agree on music. :-) I really want to play a song called 17 for John O, track 7, because it opens just like a Lips song which escapes me. What I like is that there are many songs on the album which I like as much as the current single, Sex on Fire. No weak filler songs. With i-Tunes allowing fans to download specific songs it doesn't make sense to put out an album with 50% or more throw away tunes.



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