Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Not Reporting For Duty

At least not that duty: "Mr. McCain has an unambiguous duty to the nation to force the public to at least be informed as to the nature and character of Barack Obama. He needs to lay out all the accurate available information on Mr. Obama's prior alliances, affiliations and conduct both for the purpose of revealing Mr. Obama's character and his radical policy disposition. "

I'm not expecting much of this at the debate tonight. If McCain does bring such things up I don't think it likely that he will persist with the issue and thus Obama could very well explain his past away yet again without saying much.

ACORN is a little different though in that it is current news and still unfolding. I was surprised to see that CNN has been covering this and has made at least some connection to Obama. McCain might find that this issue is fair game but based on his assessment of that term so far, who knows?


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