Sunday, October 26, 2008


Polling used to depress the vote(rs)

Via Hot Air headlines. Things are a lot less gloomy than you might believe.

It begs the question, why would pollsters be willing to sacrifice their credibility to try and drive the Republican vote into despair? Rush's opinion is that the polls will tighten this last week so that they don't look as foolish. I have pretty much given up on anything coming out of the MSM. I had to laugh at the attempt to make Sarah Palin look elitist by pointing out the cost of her wardrobe. Ignore voter fraud, concentrate on clothes. Yeah, like I'll pay to hear that garbage.

Diego: At Townhall there are similar thoughts, asking why Republicans/Conservatives would have any faith in the MSM: "We don't believe the media because they're carrying water for Obama, but we're feeling lousy because the polls by these same people say Republicans are going to get creamed? What utter nonsense."

I'm looking at this election like a College Bowl game where the two teams involved have not played each other before and have had no common opponents by which to try and predict an outcome. There is often a clear favorite but when the team labeled 'underdog' wins it doesn't seem like such a big deal when you see their strategy and performance on the field.

Given the hype, I wont be surprised if Obama wins by the margin the polls currently suggest. But I also will not be shocked if McCain wins by that same margin. The reasoning behind such a victory is sound and American Thinker makes an argument for it here.


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