Saturday, October 11, 2008


Voter Fraud

It is the only issue I can see that will take down Obama. Especially with McVain running as a moderate and contradicting his own campaign commercials. People can understand voter fraud a lot better than they might understand the intricacies of the sub-prime mortgage mess. Of course, it doesn't hurt that ACORN was involved in shaking down getting banks to make loans to people who could not afford them.

Even the PUMAs are getting in on the act. RICO? Now that is a serious acronym.

Oh yeah, Rezko's singing. I bet BHO is really regretting not trying to get rid of Fitzgerald.

Diego: The potential for voter fraud to decide this election goes far beyond just one state. ACORN, like Obama, has gone national. However, Ohio appears to be the worst case. If I'm understanding the situation correctly, voters were allowed to register and vote at the same time and without supervision as with normal voting. Reports of single individuals registering 72 times to vote is one thing (there has to be some follow up work to actually get those 72 votes) but doing it all in one shot and without any accountability can blow away the theory that it has to be close for cheating to make a difference.



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