Saturday, November 08, 2008


The end of the Joe Crede era?

The President Elect can win my vote in 2012 (AND prove to me that he is a real White Sox fan) by making sure that 19-year-old Cuban defector Dayán Viciedo is playing third base on the South Side next year. Mr. Obama's first task on January 22nd should be to gently tell the young slugger that it would be in his best interest - if he wants to remain in the United States - to report to Phoenix in February.
Seriously, though, the White Sox should make this kid a priority. JOE COWLEY of the Chicago Sun-Times writes:
The Sox may have the inside track if they're close on the money. (Alexei) Ramirez and (Jose) Contreras are proving to be very good recruiters, especially Ramirez, who knew Viciedo since he made the Cuban national team at age 15. By 16, Viciedo hit .337 with 14 home runs.

Diego: Welcome, newest contributor. More an era than an aura but Joe's injuries will make his exit easier to deal with if he is finished with the White Sox. I'd like to see him back and I think that is possible, only to the extent his marketability has been diminished by his injury history. I'm not sure Josh Fields is the answer at third but he could do the job while we wait for the next Alexi Ramiriez to arrive. I wont be surprised if it is Crede at third next year though.



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