Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Future Thoughts

Where do Republicans go from here?

Question number seven from PJM: What to do about the MSM?

"conservatives will need to strategize on how to minimize and work around the MSM in future campaigns. It may be that you can’t run a presidential campaign without the MSM, but that you can make them far less important. If the candidates cooperate more with new media and less with old media, that’s where the viewers and readers will go. If Palin’s first interviews were with Chris Wallace, Hugh Hewitt, Powerline, and Politico, that’s where the public would have gone to learn about Palin. And a far different first impression would have been formed."

The MSM is a big factor that the GOP must address. If they let the MSM dictate things the way they did the primary (especially) and the general election(s) then they have little chance of changing anything. They will lose, as Ed Morrissey notes:
"If the GOP wants to win 60 million votes in future national elections, it has to stand for something other than being Democrat Lite... When given only a choice between real Democrats and fake Democrats, Americans will choose the former, which we found out in 2006."
I don't know all the players in the Republican ranks in Congress but I'm glad to see some of the old guard lose elections. I'd rather it be in the primary but if they are ousted in the general then the lesson is just more painfully learned. Paul Ryan (Rep WI) was interviewed on Fox last night and made the point that Republicans seem to be afraid to stand up for what they believe in and that this, along with any corruption (earmarks, etc.) must stop. I agree with that.


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