Sunday, November 16, 2008


New Star Trek Trailer

It looks good. But what do I know.

This year has turned into the year without football because of our hectic schedules. I haven't even seen the Dark Knight, the new Hulk movie, or American Carol. Well I am certainly not missing Star Trek.

Diego adds: I've never been drawn in to Star Trek but I've watched parts of episodes from a few (all?) of it's generations and liked one of the early movies. I don't agree with the review linked above that suggests that the original characters cannot be successful with different actors portraying them. The reason cited is personal chemistry among the original actors. My guess is that the show will never be the same as the original but the right cast and writers can create something special and worthwhile for both long time fans and newcomers.

There will only be one Kirk but there can be more than just Shatner. There is only one Doctor but there was a Hartnel and after a couple of others there was a Baker.

Special effects don't have to be a sign of a bad production but it does seem to be the norm for situations like this that if you have good effects, not much else is good.


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