Thursday, November 20, 2008


Someone is Going to Pay in Chicago

For more see this post from last week.

Someone from my condo association informed me that the city council passed a $300 a year tax on garbage dumpsters for occupying space in the alley. I've not looked into the details on this and the email I received said that although it passed it is still subject to committee review. I'm not sure where that all stands.

Here are a few items from CBS' report last week on the budget that passed:

"The budget includes an array of tax hikes. It will raise property taxes by $86 million – a smaller amount than the mayor originally proposed, but still the largest of his 18-year administration.

Parking tickets will also go way up. Current tickets range from $25 to $75, depending on the violation. The new fines will range from $50 to $150.

It also raises fines for drivers to run red lights from $90 to $100, at the same time the city plans to install red-light cameras in 20 more intersections across the city."

At least I have some control over parking tickets and red light tickets can be avoided. But for property taxes I'm just screwed. At some point I'd like to believe that the mayor and aldermen will pay for all this in votes and or time served (courtesy of Patrick Fitzgerald) but for now citizens will pay in cash.

Bill C adds: I don't have many regrets about moving out of the city. One thing I have discovered is that exurbs with no businesses have exorbitant property taxes. A $250k home will pay about $600 a month in property taxes up here. Diego, does that beat you?


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