Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dump Internet Explorer

A friend of mine told me a Russian joke which goes like this. It was common for the gov't to set production goals based on 5 year plans and it was also common for the factories to pick up production towards the end to meet their goal. A cigarette factory was trying to do just this when they found themselves in a year with a severe tobacco shortage.

The head of the factory asked his underlings if any of them had any suggestions. One young man said that his cousin who lived in the Ukraine said that there was planty of supply near him but there was a catch. It was in the red zone near Chernobyl. Since they had no choice the boss sent his men to the Ukraine to get the tobacco and they made their quota in time. To be fair the factory printed a label on the cigarette which said, "Ok, this time we're really not kidding."

For Microsoft I.E. users, this time we're really not kidding. (Via Hot Air.)

Diego: Chernobyl is not that bad, just ask the KIDDofSPEED!



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