Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hall of Fame

Ron Santo had this to say on the the Veterans Committee (a 64-member panel made up exclusively of all living Hall of Fame players that votes every other year on players from 1943 and after) MLB Hall of Fame selection:

''It's a travesty,'' Santo said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. ''When I saw nobody got in again, I go, 'Whoa, this is wrong.' They can't keep going the way they're going. They've got to put a [different] committee out there.''

"It'll be eight years now that they've voted and not let anybody in. And personally, I feel like there's a lot of guys that should've been in, not just me," Santo said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

However, Hall of Fame chairwoman Jane Forbes Clark noted that the goal of the two-stage veterans' process is not to elect someone every time they vote, according to the Sun-Times. ''The process was not redesigned with the goal of necessarily electing someone, but to give everyone on the ballot a very fair chance of earning election through a ballot of their peers,'' Clark said, according to the report.

Clark is right here. You either belong in the Hall or not. That goes for all Halls of Fame as far as I'm concerned. The playing around with votes is joke in my opinion. As an example, some players have a better chance at getting in if there are no obvious selections in a given year because voters seem to give them more attention. That is ridiculous.

However, in Santo's defense I think he belongs in the Hall. I suspect the recent selection of Joe Gordon has more to do with his playing for the Yankees than his stats.


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