Friday, January 16, 2009


But not Sweet William

I often have sympathized with parents who travel with small children at the same time I did everything I could to avoid sitting near them. Now that I am a veteran of several flights with my son I have often felt very grateful that 99.999999% of people put up with having a rambunctious toddler kicking there seat or, as happened on our last flight, crawling under the seat to the people behind us. (They handed him back.) We really try but sometimes they manage to squirm away. So thanks to all those good people who at least keep their mouths shut during the flight.

Diego: General rule: If the parents care, then I'm fine with the child's activity. That 's not to say I'm not necessarily annoyed but I'm not going to complain or try and make the parents feel uncomfortable.

As long as you can see that the parents have tried to teach their children courteous behavior then you really can't complain, they are kids after all. I worked at a grocery store for 6 years so I've seen some kids running amok before.



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