Saturday, January 17, 2009


Disney Star Guitarist

Finally, a way to learn how to play the guitar using a computer. This is awesome. William might be a little young for this now but I can see this under the Christmas tree sometime in the next 6 years.

Heck, I might buy this for myself. I miss playing the guitar. Then I could terrorize my sons friends on the back...never mind.

Diego: The point made in the interview is exactly right. A game like Guitar Hero (I've never tried it but had the same thing in mind as the guitarist in the video) leaves you with no real skill. The guitar game/learning tool promoted here leaves you with the ability to play a real guitar.

One problem brought up here that I have experienced with digital recording equipment is latency, the lag time between pulling the string and hearing the sound. If that is not eliminated completely then I don't think this game would really work. But if it works I would be interested.

Bill C: Diego, I think they solve the latency problem using strings which sense where you are on the fret board. I don't know how this works but they do mention you have to strint your guitar with these strings.


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