Thursday, January 08, 2009


Doctor Who in pictures

The newest reincarnation of the Doctor will be the youngest actor to play the part. Expect to see him on American T.V.s in 2013. (A bit of a WTTW joke.)

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Diego: I can't comment on the latest Doctor, Matt Smith, since I don't know his work. Fortunately we now have SciFi Channel and other means of watching programs rather than waiting for WTTW. I have to say I do miss the fun that came with the late Sunday night broadcast on local channel 11 but the current situation and trend for TV is better. At least Max Headroom wont be the next Doctor (I was one of the few watching that saw that live).

I don't know how long Smith will be play the role of the Doctor but I think the show needs someone to approach the job the way William Hartnell and Tom Baker did. They were at opposite ends of their careers when they took on the role but had the same feeling that no other actor seems to have had in their time on the show. They didn't fear type casting but rather seemed to embrace the idea that they would become the Doctor.

Hartnell was at the end of his career when the show began and from what I've gathered seemed to relish the idea of redefining himself in a new role. For Baker it was his first major role. He enjoyed being the Doctor and took pride in being recognized as the character. Most of the others who played the role feared they would be stuck if they stayed too long. I think that is reflected on screen and the show suffers a bit for that.


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